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For the Week of

December 11


December 11


December 12


December 13


December 14


December 15

Advanced Computers
Learning Target: 1. Use Publisher and Excel to create greeting cards.   Benchmarks: 9-12.CI.1 & CI.3 Creativity and Innovation,  9-12.TC.3 Technology Operations and Concepts, Content Standard 3 - Developing & Presenting Information

*Journal -If I could give advice to anyone in history, it would be.....

*Work on menus


*Journal - If you lost your parents in the middle of a busy city and had no phone, what would you do?

*Complete menus.



*Journal - What's an interesting story from your childhood?

*Create holiday greetings cards for Veteran's Hospital and Autumnwood patients.

*Journal - Who is your favorite actor/actress? Why?

*Continue with the greeting cards.



*How was your first snow day of the year? Did you enjoy it?

*Make word searches in Excel.

Arts & Culture Learning Target: 1. What are the differences between ancient Rome and America today. 2. What impact did the Romans have on our culture today?

*Work on project

*Work on project

*Work on project

*Complete project

*Present projects

Tech Comm





Learning Target: 1. Advertising: techniques and elements to include.

*Writing a persuasive letter.

*Elements to include in the letter.

*Look for samples of effective persuasive letters.

*Begin writing your own persuasive letter.

*Complete the letter.

*Have a peer proofread your letter and then revise the letter.

*Print final copy.

*Create an advertising flyer announcing the grand opening of your business.

*Complete flyer.

*Advertising techniques, notes.