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For the Week of

October 16


October 16


October 17


October 18


October 19


October 20

Advanced Computers
Learning Target: 1.. Benchmarks: 9-12.CI.1 & CI.3 Creativity and Innovation,  9-12.TC.3 Technology Operations and Concepts, Content Standard 3 - Developing & Presenting Information

*Journal -Do you think it is all right to steal? Why or why not?

*Go to Career Cruising and take the career survey.

*Based on survey select a career to create a PowerPoint about.


*Journal - Do you consider yourself a good listener? Why or why not?

*Work on Career PowerPoint

*Review how to insert animations and build effects.


*Journal - Write about something you desperately wanted when you were younger.

*Continue working on PowerPoint

*Journal - If you had a $100,000--how would you spend it?

*How to set the timing up for a PowerPoint.

*Journal - What current fashion in clothing/fashion do you particularly like or dislike?

*PowerPoint presentations are due.

Arts & Culture Learning Target: 1. What are the differences between fairy tales and fables. 2. What impact did myths have on our culture today?

*Go over map and questions

*Notes-Trojan war

*movie - 3-D animation on war.


*Web-Quest on Greece, due Friday.

*Work on web-quest

*Continue with web-quest

*Work on map

Tech Comm





Learning Target: 1. What

*Begin unit on checking accounts.

*Notes - Selecting a bank & different types of checking accounts.

*Research difference between a commercial bank, credit union and thrifts.

*Selecting a bank, what to look for.

*How to correctly fill out a check and a deposit slip.


*Checking account simulation