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             Mrs. Sudderth  

For the Week of

June 4


June 4


June 5


June 6


June 7


June 8

Advanced Computers
Learning Target: 1.   Describe the purpose of a database. 2. What are queries and what are they used for? 3.Creating simple queries and setting criteria. 4. Creating reports from queries.     Benchmarks: 9-12.CI.1 & CI.3 Creativity and Innovation,  9-12.TC.3 Technology Operations and Concepts, Content Standard 3 - Developing & Presenting Information

*Journal - What would you have liked to learn in this class that you didn't?



*Final Journal - What suggestions would you give to make this a better class?



Exam review

*2nd hour exam


*3rd Hour - shortened hour Exam review

*3rd hour - shortened hour

*Exam review

*3rd hour - Final exam

Arts & Culture Learning Target: 1. Norse mythology and the influences they have on today..  2. Connecting the days of the week to Norse mythology.


Thor: Ragnarok

*Review sheet

*Watch movie,

Thor: Ragnarok


*Complete movie, Thor: Ragnarok.

*Shortened hour

*Exam review

*Review exam

*Final exam

Tech Comm





Learning Target: