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Exercise Science

Target: Life Long Fitness B2.3x/2.5/2.5x


Upper Body



Cardio/Lower Body


Upper Body Cardio/Lower Body Upper Body


Target: Diagram the Process of Protein Synthesis (B4.1/4.3/4.3x)

Return Chap. 12 Quiz

Play Polypeptide!

Darwin and Natural Selection (P-Hall?)

The Opposable Thumb/5-1 Handout

Career Center (afternoon)

Natural Selection

Peppered Moths

Other Evidence

The Fossil Record


More Evidence

Embryology Activity Notes

Integrated Science

Target: Explain the Origin/Components of Our Solar System (E5.3)

Chap. 26 Our Sun and Other Stars (p. 823-29)

Terms and Questions

Crash Course Sun/Stars

H-R Diagrams

Star Life Cycle (video)26-3 (p. 831-35)

Study Guide

Chap. 26 Jeopardy Review Chap. 26 Quiz