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For the Week of

Oct. 23rd


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Exercise Science

Target: Life Long Fitness B2.3x/2.5/2.5x

Upper Body

Cardio/Lower Body

Upper Body

Cardio/Lower Body Upper Body
Integrated Science

Target: Use  Newton's 3rd Law(P3.3/3.4)

October Sky


October Sky Conclusion October Sky

Questions Due/Discussion

Energy (p. 128-133)

Potential vs. Kinetic

Problems (p. 130/132)

Bouncing Balls Lab



Target: Explain the Human Digestive Process (B2.4/2.5/3.2x)

The Role of Enzymes (p. 61-62)

Carbs, Fats, and Protein

Fast Food Feast

Day 1 (cart #2)

Fast Food Feast

Day 2 (cart #2)

Digestion (p. 67-73)

Video/Digestion Diagram Handout

Steps in Human Digestion




Target: Describe the Role of Chemicals in Life (B2.2)

Sect. 6.4 Organic Compounds

Calorie Lab

Complete Calorie Lab (if necessary)

Chap. 6 Study Guide (sect. 2,3,4)

Chap. 6 Jeopardy Review Chap. 6 Test Nat. Geo Halloween Video/Questions