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For the Week of

May 27th


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Exercise Science

Target: Life Long Fitness B2.3x/2.5/2.5x

Memorial Day

No School


Cardio/Lower Body


Upper Body Cardio/Lower Body Upper Body
Integrated Science

Target: Create Examples of Simple Circuits (P3.7/4.10)

  Go over #21-25 (p. 419)

Chap. 13 Review

In Class/Corrected

Chap. 13 Test

Intro to Solar Car Project

Solar Car Research and Development Solar Car R and D


Target: Describe Organs/Systems That work Together (B2.3x)

  Chap. 34 Test How Many Offspring Graphs Sect. 23.2

Reproduction in Plants

Flower Dissection

Sect. 36-1 Human Reproduction

Universe Within Video



Target: Explain the Connection Between Muscles/Bones(B2.3x)

  Chap. 21/22 Muscle Function Lab Types of Muscle


Skeletal System

Connective Tissue

What Kind of Joint is This?