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For the Week of

April 1st


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Exercise Science

Target: Life Long Fitness B2.3x/2.5/2.5x

Upper Body  

Cardio/Lower Body


Upper Body Cardio/Lower Body Upper Body
Integrated Science

Target: Design and Build a Tower of Pasta! (P1.1)

Intro to Engineering

Paper Towers

Leaning Tower of Pasta

Tower Engineering

Tower Project Complete Towers Tower Assessment


Target: Explain How Organisms Change Over Time (B5.1/5.3)

Chap. 17 Classification of Organisms

Notes/Killer Bees

Killer Bee Follow up Questions

(lab 116)

Classification Video/Quiz

Name Game Reading/Q's

Using Classification Keys Six Kingdom Classification Poster (or Classify)

(Lab 116)



Target:Diagram Meiosis/Label Human Anatomy (B2.1x/2.4/2.5)

Reproduction in Animals (p. 329-332)


Human Reproduction/Video

 How Many Offspring?


Finish Chap. 12 Function of Hormones

Terms to Know

Chap. 12 Review Chap. 12 Test