Ms. Kandler

For the Week of    - November 18th- November 22nd 


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-English 9


LEARNING TARGET:  I am able to recognize the difference between round and flat characters present in literature.


  • L 9-10.1-2

  • RL 9-10.1-6



~ Grammar Books:  Noun and Verb Agreement  pm [ages 752 - 758


Assignment: Ex. 3, 4, 5


~Homework:  Unit 6 Spelling Wkst







~ Continue Noun and Verb Agreement: Pages 760 - 763


Ex. 6, 7, 8


~ Read in Accelerated Reader Books 
















~ Continue Noun and Verb Agreement: Pages 764 - 768


Ex. 10, 11, 12


~ Read in Accelerated Reader Books










~ Continue Noun and Verb Agreement: Pages

768 - 770

Ex. 13, 14


~ Read in Accelerated Reader Books



~Vocabulary Quiz


~ Worksheet: Review Parts of Speech.... writing sentences


~ Read in AR books





English 10

(Multi-cultural Literature)


LEARNING TARGET:  I am able to examine the dark mood, symbolism, and personification used in Edgar Allan Poe's literature.


  • RL 9-10.1-6

  • L 9-10.1-2

  • W 9-10.3-4





~ Persuasive Presentation

~ Listener Evaluations




~ Finish Persuasive Presentation

~ Listener Evaluations

~ Journal:  How much control do you feel you have over the events in your life?  What events do you feel are most out of your control? 

~ Watch a video of the spreakd and seriousness of the Bubonic Plague.... this will be an introduction Edgar Allan Poe's story "The Masque of the Read Death" which personifies a plague similar to the Bubonic Plague.




~Re-introduce and take notes on Edgar Allan Poe

~Read "The Masque of the Red Death"

~Homework: Symbolism Wkst


~ Complete the Cycle of Events chart that creates a story map in relation to the story.

~Throughout the next several days we will be working on several activities that are reflective of Poe's story... involving symbolism, imagery, setting, conflict, and characters. 

~ RAFT.... use personification, written from the point of view of a. the Red Death, b. the Ebony Clock, or c. The bklack Chamber/Room... students will have choices for the format.  


~Discuss guidelines and show examples of the Comic Strip project that students will be working on.

English 11

(American Literature)


LEARNING TARGET: I can understand the patterns of Ernest Hemingway as he demonstrates the characteristics of the Modernist Movement


  • RI 11-12.1-6

  • L 11-12.1-2

  • W 11-12.1-6

  • SL 11-12.1-4

  • RL 11-12.1-6









~ Finish watching the film "In Love and War"

~ Discuss Hemingway's VOICE writing assignment

~ Computer Cart: Writing assignment on Hemingway's VOICE

~ Homework:  Vocab Unit 3




~ Fy




~ Review vocabulary words in preparation of tomorrow's quiz






~Vocabulary Quiz





 College Prep English

(British Literature)


LEARNING TARGET:  I am able to identify and analyze the English Renaissance era sonnet, voice, and typical style.


  • RL 11-12.1-6

  • RL 11-12.9 (Brit. Lit)

  • L 11-12.1-3







~Finish reading Macbeth


~ Connective Journal:  Connect the witches of Macbeth to the witches of Salem


~ Discuss the Essay Choices for Macbeth (Essay #4)


~Homework:  Unit 7 Vocabulary Wkst


~ Work on Macbeth Essay - to be submitted to by Friday at midnight




~ Read and discuss Shakespeare's sonnets and songs on page 286


~ Read Sonnets 116 and 1230 on pages 287 - 288


~ Read and discuss Shakespearee's Song "Blow, Blow, Through Winter Wind" on page 294


~ Read Sonnet LX by Pablo Neruda on page 391 - 932


~Homework:  Complete the Handout that discusses and compares Shakespeare's play (Macbeth), sonnets, song, etc.

~ Review vocabulary words in preparation of the quiz

~Vocabulary Quiz



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