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For the Week of  December 18th - 21st


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English 9

LEARNING TARGET:  I have a clear understanding of the difference between active and passive voice


  • L9-10.1b-c

  • SL9-10c

  • RI 9-10.4

  • W9-10.2

  • W 9-10.4-5




~ Vocabulary Quiz


~Journal:  Why do we daydream?  What triggers a daydream?


~Read and discuss "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

~Homework:  Unit 8 Spelling



~Group Assignment:  Students will work in a group of three and they will receive a "trigger" place or event that will cause a new daydream for Walter Mitty... together students will have to create a dream sequence similar to what is presented in the story... with sound effects, suspense, etc... due on Monday.


Watch the film vesion of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"


Watch the film version of "The Secret Life

of Walter Mitty!


~Spelling 8 Quiz











~No School - Christmas Break!!








English 10

(Multi-cultural Literature)

LEARNING TARGET: I have a clear understanding of the  darkness of Edgar Allan Poe and the symbolism he often used within his literature.


  • L9-10.1

  • SL 9-10.1

  • SL 9-10.5

  • RL 9-10.1-5

  • W 9-10.3-5


~Work on Comic Strip Assignment  ~Work on Comic Strip Assignment  ~Work on Comic Strip Assignment 


~Read and discuss "The Happy Man's Shirt"

~ Discuss the element of symbolism and what the shirt symbolizes.


~In connection to the story, read the Media Connection on page 245

~Complete the handout on happiness



~No School - Christmas Break!!




English 11

(American Literature)

LEARNING TARGET:  I have an understanding of the basic practices of poetry.


  • L   11-12.1

  • SL 11-12.1

  • RL 11-12.1-7

  • RL 11-12.9

  • W 11-12.3

  • W 11-12.9


~ Read and discuss Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken"

~Assignment Complete the analysis questions Wkst

~Read and discuss the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" (If time allows, watch the video clip from "The Outsiders"

~Homework: Write two poems... one exemplifying dual meaning and the other exemplifying minimalism... due Thursday.


Journal:  How do you define patriotism? Do you consider yourself to be patriotic?

~Introduce and take notes on Walt Whitman

~Read, discuss, and take pot-it notes on Whitman's poems "I hear American Signing" "Beat Beat Drums and "A Sight in the Daybreak Gray and Dim"

~Homework:  Read "Song of Myself" and complete correlating worksheet.

~Finish discussion of Whitman's poetry

~What is your perception of death?  Is it something you fear or just accept?

~Introduce and take notes on Emily Dickinson

~ Read and take post-it notes on Dickinson's poetry

~ Homework:  Complete the assignment that correlates with "Because I Could not Stop for Death"



Finish discussion of Dickinson's poetry

~Poetry Test


~No School - Christmas Break!
 College Prep English

(British Literature)


LEARNING TARGET: I have a clear understanding of writing and properly formatting a literary analysis while comparing two pieces of literature.


  • L 11-12.1-3

  • W 11-12.2a-f

  • W 11-12.7

  • RI 11-12.1-6

  • RL 11-12.1-7




~Peer Revisions of Essay #4.... final draft due by midnight

~If time allows continue reading Macbeth

~Homework: Unit 8 vocab


~Finish reading Act One of Macbeth and begin Act Two

~Take notes while we read






~Continue reading Act II of Macbeth

~Students are reminded to be doing their journaling (taking on the voice of one of the characters)

~ Begin reading Act III of Macbeth

~Unit 8 Vocab Quiz


~No School - Christmas Break!
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