Ms. Kandler


It's Homecoming Week!

For the Week of  September17th - 21st



Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

English 9

LEARNING TARGET: I have a clear  understanding of the several noun categories


  • W 9-10.3

  • RL 9-10.1-5

  • L 9-10.1-2



~Read and discuss "The Gift of the Magi" by O'Henry.... review point of view on page 14 and discuss irony within the story.


~Discuss and take notes on Irony and relate it to the story


~Homework:  Unit One Spelling











~Spelling is Due

~Entrance Slip


~ Grammar Review of Nouns.... go over diagnostic test on page 561 of grammar book.


~Do Ex. #1 together


~Assignment:  Page 562 -564 Ex. 2, 3, 4









~Journal:  Was there something you were afraid of when you were younger that no longer frightens you?  Or perhaps there was an event you dreaded.  Ex:  giving a speech, funerals, etc.


~Take notes:  Review elements of a short story on page two of literature book


~Take notes on foreshadowing


~Begin reading "Before the End of Summer"


~Homework:  Worksheet on Nouns









~ Finish reading "Before the End of Summer"


~Complete the exit slip:  "How does what happens during the storm foreshadow later events?"


~Compare the theme with that of "The Gift of the Magi"


~Discuss characterization on page 38


~Homework:  Complete  letter writing assignment that correlates with the story... use vocab words.



~ Unit One Spelling Quiz



~Students have the hour to work on writing letters or reading in AR books





English 10

(Multi-cultural Literature)

LEARNING TARGET:  I have a clear understanding of the act of comparing and contrasting and effectively demonstrating it through writing.


  • RL 9-10.1-6

  • W 9-10.2

  • W 9-10.4-5

  • W 9-10.9



~Continue discussion of thesis statements.


~Have students model and share their introductory paragraphs.... turn in along with


~Talk about point by point or whole by whole approach.


~Homework:  Continue working on drafting of Comparison Essay.





~ Computer Cart: work on drafting of essay.

~Discuss and take notes on effective conclusions.

~Remind students to use a vocab word









~Last day to work on essays

~Encourage strong word choices, figurative devices, adjectives and adverbs, etc.

~Draft must be complete for tomorrow. 





~Peer Revisions of "Everyday Use" Essay



~Final Essays are due


~ Journal:  How would you react if someone took something that was especially precious or of value to you?  Would you seek revenge?  Give up or feel sad for your loss?


~Begin reading and discussing "Chee's Daughter"









English 11

(American Literature)

LEARNING TARGET:  I have a clear understanding of the writing process and demonstrating my views within a literary review.


  •  L 11-12.1 - 3

  • W 11-12.2-6

  • RL 11-12.1

  • RL 11-12.3-6



~Look at sample reviews that students have brought in.

~Discuss guidelines of Bradstreet's poetry review assignment

~Review and take notes on  introductions and thesis statements... work on pre-writing and introductions!

~Homework:  Unit 1 Vocabulary 




~Vocab is due!

~ Computer Cart:  Continue the drafting of Bradstreet Review.... rough draft due on Thursday.

~ Journal:  Respond to one of the following quotes:  The pen is mightier than the sword"  OR  "For me, writing is foremost a mode of thinking, and when it works well, an act of discovery"

~ Discuss the writing process and ask students to divide themselves... are you a strong or struggling writer?

~ Matching shapes Activity.... to demonstrate listening and communication skills

~The person with whom they are matched, will be their peer revision partner whenever we are doing peer revisions.


~Review vocabulary words in preparation for the quiz

~Peer Revision of Poetry Review... poetry review / process points are due tomorrow

* Poetry Reviews are due!

Shortened class period for Homecoming  assembly

~Vocabulary Quiz


 College Prep English

(British Literature)


LEARNING TARGET:  I have a clear understanding of the writing process and MLA formatting.


  •  L 11-12.1 - 3

  • W 11-12.2-6

  • RI 11 -12.1

  • RI 11-12.6



~Review the Writing Process


~ Computer Cart:  Write the introduction and complete pre-writing activity


~ Homework:  Unit 2 Vocab


~ Vocabulary is due


~ Go over  guidelines


~ Work on drafting process. of Essay #1



~Grammar Review Sheets on Verbal Phrases


~ Continue drafting process of Essay # 1.... be prepared for Peer Revisions tomorrow.



~Review vocabulary words in preparation for quiz


~ Peer Revisions



*  Shortened Hour for Homecoming Assembly


~Vocabulary Quiz


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