Ms. Kandler

Welcome Back for Another Great Year!!

For the Week of   Sept.  16th - 21st 


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English 9


LEARNING TARGET:  I have a clear understanding of several pronoun categories


  • RL 9-10.2-3

  • RL 9-10.6

  • RI 9-10.6





Finish reading "Before the End of Summer"


~Exit Slip


~ Compare the theme of this story to "Gift of the Magi"




~Assignment:  Complete the letter in correlation with the story.... written to Benny.

~Homework: Unit 1 Spelling Wkst



~ Grammar Book: Grammar Review of Pronouns.... Go over diagnostic test on page 568

~Assignment:  Pages 568 - 570 Ex. 6-9
















~ Review Vocabulary words in preparation of Friday's Quiz

~ Read and discuss the short story "Lady or the Tiger"

~ Review the plot elements of Lady or the Tiget













Sub Plans


~Quick Write:  Assume the role of a literary critic and write a review of the story

~Vocab Review: Write a paragraph using 5 vocab words

~Pronoun Review Worksheet




~ Vocabulary Quiz


~Begin discussion of the narrative short story project


~ Students will begin working on personal creative stories by completing the Step up to Writing story map 6-4a

English 10

(Multi-cultural Literature)


LEARNING TARGET: I have a clear understanding of the internal and external conflicts that exist within literature.


  • L9-10.1-2

  • RL 9-10.1-4

  • RI 9-10.4-5

  • W 9-10.2

  • W 9-10.4-5

  • W 9-10.9




* "Everyday Use" essay is due!

~ Journal:  How would you react if someone took something that was especially precious or of value to you. Would you seek revenge, give up, or feel sadness for your loss?

~Begin reading "Chee's Daughter"

~Homework:  Unit Two  vocabulary





~ Finish reading "Chee's Daughter"

~ Discuss internal and external conflict

~ Working in a group of 2-3 complete the cycle of events handout.

~homework: Complete the handout on characterization... use formal language and proper sentence structure. 




~ Review Vocabulary words in preparation of Friday's Quiz

~Journal:  Imagine yourself to be a well-acclaimed author, a successful athlete, a famous actress, or a well-known figure in any other field... discuss your life, your accomplishments, etc.  What challenges would you face?

~introduce and take notes on Amy Tan

~Begin reading "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan


Sub Plans

~Finish reading and discussing "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan

~ Assignment:  Work with a partner to complete the worksheet

~ Homework: Vocab Review Puzzle




~ Vocabulary Quiz


~Grammar Books:  Review nouns and pronouns.

English 11

(American Literature)


LEARNING TARGET: I have a clear understanding of how early American literature is reflective of the Puritan lifestyle.


  • SL 11-12.1c

  • SL 11-12.3

  • L 11-12.1-2

  • RL 11-12.1

  • RL 11-12.9

  • W 11-12.1d

  • W







~ Listen to and take post-it notes on Jonathon Edwards' "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

~ Journal:  Have you ever made a decision that you later regretted?  Have you made a commitment that you later wished you hadn't?


~ Introduce and take notes on Washington Irving, imagery, satire, and tall tales.

~ Begin reading and taking notes on "The Devil and Tom Walker"





~Finish reading "The Devil and Tom Walker"


~ Complete the homework assignment on symbolism within the story.

Sub Plans


~ Quick Write:  Working on persuasion in voice, take on the voice of either Tom Walker or Jonathon Edwards and write one full page persuading someone of something that is appropriate to the piece.

~ Assignment:  Correlating worksheet / questions for "The Devil and Tom Walker"

~ Exit Slip:  Puritanism




* Collect post it Notes for Puritan unit.


~Journal:  Respond to the quote by Arthur Miller.... "one of the strongest urges in a writer's heart is to reveal what has been hidden"


~Introduce and take notes on Arthur Miller, The Red Scare, Hollywood Ten, and McCarthyism

~Watch videos to introduce the Salem Witch Trials


~ Assign parts for next week's reading of The Crucible


 College Prep English

(British Literature)


LEARNING TARGET:  I have a clear understanding of the themes that are within the Anglo Saxon poems of Beowulf and Gilgamesh


  • SL 11-12.3

  • L 11-12.1-2

  • RI 11-12.1

  • W 11-12.1d

  • W 11-12.4

  • W 11-12.9





~Journal #4:  Write a creative journal where you are a hero/heroine.  What is your superpower?  Be sure to include one vocab word, one hyperbole, one example of personification, and a great deal of imagery as you tell an act of heroism that you performed this week.


~To better understand the themes introduced in the upcoming reading of Beowulf, students will partner up and, together, they will respond to a question posed (ex. What is a hero?  What is courage?).... This will be done in literary discussion circles where the partners will go from station to station to respond.


~Begin reading and taking book notes on Beowulf.... pages 47-59.

~Homework:  Verbals Review Sheets

~Read and take book notes on pages 60-78 of Beowulf.

~ Verbal Worksheets.

Sub Plans

~Finish reading Beowulf

~Verbal Review worksheets

~ Discuss and begin writing choices as a follow-up assignment of Beowulf.

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