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For the Week of 18 - 22 MAR 2019

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AP Comparative Government


SC1, SC2, SC6, SC8, SC9

 Learning Target: Examine and assess the success of Russia's democratic and economic transitions.

Lecture/Discussion:   The Collapse of Communism

Assignment:               Read pgs. 332-343 (Text), Focus Questions

Lecture/Discussion (Russia):                    Geography, History of State Formation

Assignment:               Read pgs. 343-352, (Text), Focus Questions


Lecture/Discussion (Russia):                    Russian Political Economy, Society & Economy, Russia in  the Global Economy


Short Film: "Animal Farm" (1954) Short Film: "Animal Farm" (1954)

Assignment:               Read pgs. 222-230 (Reader), "Rethinking Democratization: Lessons from the Postcommunist Experience", Section Summaries

American History

    Standards:       K1, P1, P2, 6.3.3, 7.1.1, 7.1.2

 Learning Target: Explain the problems facing the U.S. during the Great Depression and evaluate how the government dealt with them.

Ch. 26 Essay Ch. 26 Test Movie: Grapes of Wrath Movie: Grapes of Wrath Movie: Grapes of Wrath

Movie questions due



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