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16 - 20 2017

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Michigan History

Learning Target: Determine the influences of French and British control on modern Michigan.

Michigan Counties Map Quiz #2 (UP)

Review for Ch. 4 Test (Tuesday)

Ch. 4 Test

Assignment: Read pgs. 85-89, Do pg. 89 (1-5)

Lecture/Discussion: Michigan After the American Revolution, British Retain Control

Assignment: Read pgs. 90-98, Do pg. 98 (1-7)

Lecture/Discussion: Michigan Under U.S. Control, Northwest Territory, Lecture/Discussion: Michigan Territory

Assignment: Read pgs. 99-104, Do pg. 104 (1-5)

AP European History

 Standards:  CR10, CR12

 Learning Target: Show understanding of European religious and social conditions which contributed to the Reformation.

Lecture/Discussion (Reformation): Corruption in the Church, Roots of Reformation Lecture/Discussion (Reformation):  Charles V, Martin Luther

Assignment:           Read pgs. 106-115, Focus Questions

Lecture/Discussion (Reformation): Johann Zwingli, Swiss Civil Wars, Anabaptists


Lecture/Discussion (Reformation):        John Calvin

Assignment: Read Johann Tetzel (Sherman, 174) and Martin Luther (Perry, 20) excerpts - Generate a list of complaints against the church and proposed reforms

Assignment:            Read pgs. 115-120, Focus Questions 
American History

Standards:  F1.1, F1.2, F2.1, P1, P2  

Learning Target: Identify goals of North and South and understand strategies for accomplishing victory in the Civil War. 

Lecture/Discussion: Gettysburg, Gettysburg Address

Assignment: Gettysburg Readings

Lecture/Discussion: Total War, Lincoln Re-elected, End of War

Assignment:                 pg. 512 (1-16)

Review for Ch. 17 Test Ch. 17 Test Film - "Glory" and Questions


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