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For the Week of

12 - 16 NOV 2018

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AP US Gov. & Politics

 Standards:  CR2, CR7, CR8, CR10, CR12

 Learning Target: Students will analyze the roles of both Congress and the President in the budgetary process and identify major concepts of the Federal Judicial Branch.

Lecture/Discussion:  Article III, Powers of Judiciary, Structure of the Courts

Assignment:              Read pgs. 521-532, Focus Questions

Lecture/Discussion:  Judicial Selection, Decision Making

Assignment:              Read pgs. 532-541, Focus Questions 

Lecture/Discussion:  History of the Court

Separation of Powers Activity

Complete Separation of Powers Activity

Assignment:               Unit III Review Guide

Review for Unit III Test (Monday)
American History

    Standards: F1, F1.2, F2.1, P1, P2   

 Learning Target: Describe major trends in American life prior to 1877 and identify changes in suffrage qualifications

 Assignment:                In class writing on the Pros & Cons of the railroads and mining in regards to expansion of the United States Lecture/Discussion:    Railroads

Assignment:                 Read pg. 552-555         TChart Summary            19.3 Guided Reading

Lecture/Discussion:    Cattle Kingdom, Cattle Drives, Chisholm Trail

Assignment:                 Pg. 556 Practice the Skill  quest. 1-4

Lecture/Discussion:     Cowhands, Cowtowns, Cattle Boom, End of the Open Range

Assingment:                 Study guide for Quiz sections 1-3

Quiz Ch. 19 sect. 1-3

Film: Tombstone



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