Mr. Walker       

Lesson Plans 2018-2019

April 1st - 5th








American History 8th Grade

Learning Target: Examine manifest destiny and the other factors that led to westward expansion during the early and middle 1800's, specifically in relation to the settlement and history of Michigan.


Bench Marks: U4.2.3, 6.1

Journal: CNN TEN #5


Finish all discussion Michigan History up to Settlement and Statehood


-correct crossword


Final MP3 Grades


-Civil War

-Natural Resources


Journal:  CNN TEN #6

discuss -Civil War and Natural Resources

Movie Keweenaw Copper

Read and take notes-Manufacturing Depression and the Labor Movement




 Journal: Movie/video Flint sit down Strike #7

-discuss Manufacturing Depression and the Labor Movement

Read/ take notes- Arsenal of Democracy and Modern Michigan

Journal: CNN TEN #8


Finish all Discussion Michigan History


Review Michigan History


MI History Test Friday

 Journal:  CNN 10

Michigan History TEST

CH 12 Vocab

Social Studies 7th Grade

Learning Target: Examine the history

Bench Marks:  h1.1,h1.2,h1.4,g2.2,g4.1,c1.1,e1.1,e2.3,e3.1

Journal:  CNN 10

Journals DUE

Hand Back CH 21 TESTS


Practice Fun Brain Africa

Journal: CNN 10

Fun Brain Africa Tournament

CH 22 Vocab


Journal: CNN 10

South Asia Regional Atlas Map Activity Packet

 Journal: CNN TEN

CH 22 section 1 Physical Features of South Asia

CH 22 sec 1 Guided Reading


 Journal: CNN TEN

Finish all CH 22 section 1 discussion Physical Features South Asia

CH 22 section 2 Guided Reading