Mr. Walker       

Lesson Plans 2019-2020

March 9th-13th








American History 8th Grade

Learning Target: Analyze manifest destiny and the other factors that led to westward expansion during the early and middle 1800's.

Bench Marks: U4.2.3, 6.1


Journal:  CNN TEN

Finish  Topic 6 lesson 6 pages 390-391

6.6 Worksheet


Journal: CNN TEN

Finish all discussion 6.6

Fathers of Texas Video

1/2 page summary on the video


Journal:  CNN TEN

Read and discuss 6.7 pages 392-401

Complete Worksheet 6.7

Journal: CNN TEN

Finish 6.7 discussion

Video California Gold Rush "Gold Rush Trail to Riches"

Journals/ Vocab due on Friday

Journal: CNN TEN

Vocab/ journals due

Topic 6 Review

Topic 6 Test Tuesday

Sociology II

Learning Target:  Analyze Emotion and Motivation.

Hand Back Tests


Intro Ch 13

CH 13 section 1 pages 343-347 #'s 1-4

CH 13 section 1 discussion



Finish all Ch 13 section 1 discussion

Read pages 348-357 complete questions #'s 1-4 pg 357 & page 358#'s 1-3 "Is it Reliable"

CH 13 section 2 discussion Finish Section 2 Discussion

CH 13 section 3 pages 359-362 complete questions 1-4 page 362

American History 9th Grade

Learning Target:  Analyze the New Deal, the Great Depression, and the events leading up to WWII.

Bench Marks:  II 1HS1

Journal:  Explain Roosevelt's first measure as president to help the financial crisis, did it work?  What other programs were put in place to help with the depression?

Review for Topic 6 Test


Journal: CNN TEN

Topic 6 TEST

Preview "Cinderella Man" Hand out movie assignment

  Journal: None

Movie Cinderella Man


Journal: Movie Reaction 1

Movie Cinderella Man

Journal: Movie Reaction 2

Movie Cinderella Man

Movie Assignment Due Monday