Mr. Walker       

Lesson Plans 2019-2020

September 23-27th








American History 8th Grade

Learning Target: Analyze the formation of the first English Colonies and their impact on the constitution today.


Bench Marks:u1.2,u1.2.2,u2.1,u2.1.1,u2.1.5

Journal:  CNN TEN

Topic 1 Intro Assignment Due

Topic 2 lesson 1 read and discuss in class

Topic 2 lesson 1 Vocab and note practice worksheet


Journal:  What was the impact of the conquistadors on the settlement of the Americas?

Video Clip Colonization of new Spain

Finish lesson 1 discussion



Journal:  CNN TEN

Read and discuss Topic 2 lesson 1


Journal:  Explain the significance of the Northwest passage.

finish discussion lesson 2

video clip French Explorations

Topic 2 lesson 2 vocab and note practice worksheet


Journal:  CNN TEN

finish all discussion lesson 2

Quiz Topic 2 lesson 1and 2

Correct in class as review

Begin discussion lesson 3 New England Colonies

Sociology II

Learning Target: Analyze the psychological development of infants.


Hand Back Tests


Intro CH 3 Infancy and Childhood

Chapter 3 section 1 page 68 #'s 1-4



Discussion Ch 3 section 1


Movie Feral Children

1/2 page typed summary on each section of movie

Finish Feral Children

Finish summaries

American History 9th Grade

Learning Target: Analyze the concepts of Industrialization and Immigration in the United States in the years following reconstruction.

Bench Marks:  I 1HS3, III 3HS3

Journal:  CNN TEN

Hand back go over tests


Begin Topic 2 Read pages 76-84 Complete Questions 1-5 page 84


Journal:  What was the impact of industrialization in the late 1800's?

Discussion/lecture Topic 2 lesson 1 

  Journal:  Explain the significance of the telegraph to the economy of the United States in the late 1800's.

Finish lesson 1 discussion

Read lesson 2 pages 85-90 complete questions 1-5 page 90

Journal:  What was the purpose of the Sherman Antitrust Act and was it effective.

discussion /lecture topic 2 lesson 2 

video monopolies/ Sherman anti-trust


Journal:  CNN TEN

Quiz topic 2 lesson 1-2

Video Organized Labor Movement in United States