Mr. Walker       

Lesson Plans 2019-2020

November 18th-22nd








American History 8th Grade

Learning Target: Analyze the revolutionary era in American History.  Describe the causes of the American Revolution.  Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the Patriots and Great Britain in the Revolutionary War.


Bench Marks: 2.1,2.2,2.3

Journal:  What was the most interesting thing you learned during the scavenger hunt?

Finish Scavenger Hunt

Vocab Journals Topic 3 Due

Begin Test Review

Journal: What led the British to issue the proclamation of 1763 and what where the results of the proclamation?

Review for Topic 3 Test


Journal:  none

Topic 3 TEST

Topic 4 Vocab

Journal: CNN TEN

Hand Back go over Topic 3 Test


Topic 4 Vocab

Journal:  CNN TEN

Topic 4 lesson 1 pages 197 -203

Articles of Confederation

4.1 vocab and notes worksheet

Sociology II

Learning Target: Analyze how the nervous system, the endocrine system, and the environment affect the brain.

CH 6 sections 3 and 4 presentations

All parts to projects due!!!

CH 6 Test Wednesday!!


CH 6 Review



 Hand Back Tests


Intro CH 7 Altered States of Consciousness

CH 7 section 1 pages 183-190 assessment questions page 190 #'s 1-4
American History 9th Grade

Learning Target: Analyze the progressive era of the United States and the positive and negatives of progressive reforms.

Bench Marks:  II 4 HS4

Journal:  CNN TEN

Make up quizzes


Read 171-175 complete assessment questions 1-5 page 175

Journal:  CNN TEN

notes/ discussion 4.3 Striving for Equality


NAACP/ Civil Rights


  Journal:  CNN TEN

 Read 176-186 Reformers In White House

assessment questions 186 #'s 1-5

Journal:  CNN TEN 

notes/ discussion 4.4 Reformers in White House


Journal:  CNN TEN

finish all 4.4 discussion

Quiz 4.3 and 4.4

America the Story of US BOOM