Mr. Walker       

Lesson Plans 2019-2020

February 24th-28th








American History 8th Grade

Learning Target: Analyze manifest destiny and the other factors that led to westward expansion during the early and middle 1800's.

Bench Marks: U4.2.3, 6.1


Journal:  CNN TEN

Finish all discussion 6.2

Read and discuss pages 360-367

worksheet 6.3


Journal: CNN TEN

discussion 6.3

Video Trail of Tears / Indian Removal act 



Journal:  CNN TEN

Quiz 6.1-6.3

correct quiz in class as review



Journal: CNN TEN

Topic 6 lesson 4 Westward Expansion pages 368-374

6.4 worksheet

Journal: CNN TEN

Finish all lesson 4 discussion

Jigsaw Read 6.5 Oregon Country (all info will be discussed on Monday!)

Sociology II

Learning Target:  Analyze Emotion and Motivation.

Work on Ch 12 group projects

Work on Ch 12 group projects

Projects Due Wednesday



Group Presentations

Groups 1 and 2

Group Presentations

Groups 3 &4


Group Presentations

Group 5

Begin Ch 12 Review

All Project Questions Due!

American History 9th Grade

Learning Target:  Analyze the New Deal, the Great Depression, and the events leading up to WWII.

Bench Marks:  II 1HS1

Journal:  CNN TEN

Read and discuss in Class 6.4

Note packet 6.4


Journal: CNN TEN

Discussion 6.4 The New Deal Expands

Analyze the Different New Deal Programs



  Journal: CNN TEN

6.5 The Effects of the New Deal

Packet 6.5


Journal: CNN TEN

Finish all discussion 6.5

Quiz 6.3-6.5

Correct Quiz as in Class review

Read pages 322-326, 6.6 Culture During the Depression


Journal: CNN TEN

Note Packet 6.6

Discuss Culture During the Depression in Class

Topic 6 Test Wednesday