Mr. Walker       

Lesson Plans 2018-2019

September 24th-28th









American History 8th Grade

Learning Target:  Explain the importance of Geography and the Social Sciences to American History.

Journal CH2 # 3- CNN 10


Read and discuss Ch 2 section 2


CH 2 section 2 Guided Reading

Journal CH 2# 4-  Choose one Native American tribe from section 2 and describe it.

Finish all discussion Section 2

Quiz Ch 2 secctions 1&2

Intro Native American Cultures Project



Journal: CH 2 #5- CNN 10

Correct Ch 2 section 1&2 Quiz as in Class Review

Native American Culture Project

Journal Ch 2 #6-CNN 10

Journal Ch 2 #7-  Choose your favorite Native American culture group and explain it in great detail.


Extra Credit Presentations


Finish all projects


CH 2 vocab and Native American Culture Project due monday.

Social Studies 7th Grade

Learning Target:  Understand the importance of geography in interpreting the past, understanding the present, and predicting the future.

Journal:  CNN 10

Finish section 1 discussion (7th hr)

Read and discuss CH 2 section 2

CH 2 section 2 Guided Reading

Journal: CNN 10

Review Ch 2 section 2

Lecture Ch 2 section 3 Climate Regions

Ch 2 section 3 guided reading



Journal:  CNN 10


finish discussion section 3


Zigsaw read Ch 2 section 4


Ch 2 section 4 guided Reading

Journal:  CNN 10


Finish All Ch 2 discussion


Begin Ch 2 Review

 Review Guide

Ch 2 content vocab

Journal:  CNN 10


CH 2 Review


CH 2 vocab breakdown and content vocab due


Ch 2 test monday