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Lesson Plans 2017-2018








World History

Learning Target:  Gain knowledge and understanding of the Feudal System and the importance of Christianity in the middle age European Society.

Bench Marks:  4.3.5,5.3.5


CH 13 section 3 notes/ discussion


Hand Back Quiz



CH 13 section 4 notes/discussion


CH 13 assessments due

Finish any notes/ discussion Chapter 13


Review for Ch 13 TEST



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American History 8th Grade

Learning Target:

Explain the importance of the Articles of Confederation and the Land Ordinance of 1785 to the development of the United States.

Bench Marks: 4.1,4.2,3.3

Journal: CNN NEWS


CH 7 Quiz


CH 8 Vocab

Journal: CNN NEWS


Hand Back Quizzes






Journal:  What was the Purpose of the Preamble of the Constitution and what does it cover?


Read and discuss CH 8 section 1


CH 8 section 1 Guided Reading





Journal:   How does the constitution effect your life?


Ch 8 section 1 Guided Reading due


Constitution and the Bill of Rights (Foundations of Freedm)





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Social Studies 7th Grade

Learning Target:  Examine the Physical Geography and characteristics of North Africa and Western Asia. 

Bench Marks:  G1.1,G2.2,G4.1,G5.1

Journal:  CNN news


Read and discuss CH 16 section 2


CH 16 School to Home/ Re-teaching activities (due Tuesday)




Journal: CNN NEWS


CH 16 Content Vocab


Ch 16 Academic Vocab



Journal:  CNN NEWS


Ch 16 breaking down vocab due


All content and academic vocab due


Review for CH 16 TEST

Journal: NONE


CH 16 TEST (open note)







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